Friday, September 24, 2010

Faux Bolster Pillow

I wanted to make a bolster pillow for my little girls bed and I thought that this potato can would be the perfect size. I was going to use it to make a pattern and thought to myself why waste the stuffing I am just going to use it. It is going to have a nice shape and its just for decoration anyway.

I wish that I had a better tutorial for you but I made this before my blog and didn't take any pictures but here is what I did.
First I hot glued a couple of layers of batting to the lid and bottom of the can.
Then using a dinner plate as a template I cut out a circle of white fabric. I ran a gather stitch around the edge of it and then tightened it around the lid and bottom. I added a few dabs of glue just to keep it secure.
MIDDLE: I measured my can and made three panels. 2 white ends and the printed middle. I actually folded the ends over for a double layer and then ran a 1/4 inch stitch along it to give it a nice crisp look. Then I sewed all three pieces together. I covered my can with two layers of batting and secured the fabric over it using a ladder stitch (ber sure and pull nice and tight). All done sit back and admire your new pillow.

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