Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Book

Growing up my family had the tradition of reading a story and then singing a song every night in December. I wanted to do that too so I made our own holiday book. We start ours on the 13th of December and do it for 12 days. The girls love it. I thought I would show you a couple of the pages. I used a dollar store board book and ripped the pictures off and then painted its edges and covered it with scrapbook paper.

Each of the pages has one story and several songs on tags that can be pulled out of pockets.

I put a lot of family stories in it about Christmas's from the grandparents which the girls love. It has been a great way for them to learn a little about their ancestors and have some holiday fun.


  1. Jess this is so cute!! Maybe I could get one done by next year....

  2. This looks SO good!! I totally want to make one now. Clearly I must get myself a source for some decent Christmas scrap booking paper here in Germany.

    You just covered the pages of the book with scrap booking paper right? And made the little pockets and such? Will you just add to this each year or make a new one plus bring out the old?